How to Buy Baseline Farm Beef

Retail Venues:

Argus Farm Stop  - Ann Arbor

White Lotus Farm - Ann Arbor

At the Farmers Market:

Ann Arbor Kerrytown Market select Saturdays 8 am - 2 pm

Howell Sunday Market, Sundays 9 am - 2 pm

By the Whole, Half or 1/4 animal: (still available throughout Fall 2022)

How it works:  The purchaser agrees to purchase a portion of a whole animal (in 1/4 or larger increments).  The farm will make a butchering appointment and coordinate transport of the animals to the butcher.  The purchaser provides cutting instructions to the butcher.  When the processing is completed, we will pay the processing cost and pick up all the beef from the butcher and bring it back to the farm for pickup.  Payment can me made at that time (cash or check preferred). 

Price: $4.25 / pound of hanging weight for whole and halves, $4.50 for quarters. Plus the processing cost, which is close to another $1.00 per pound of hanging weight.

Hanging weights estimated to be close to 600 lbs for a whole steer.   Butchering is done by Byron Center Meats and The Cut. 

Pricing example: 

Whole steer: 559 lb hanging weight x $4.25/lb = $2375.75, processing 559 lb x $0.75/lb = $419.25 + $100 slaughter fee.  Total cost $2895.  You should get back 60% of the hanging weight in processed beef.  60% of 559 lb = 335 lb, so the cost of the beef is $8.63/lb.